How to Join Anonymous Group ?

Anonymous is an international group of people who want equal rights for everyone. Read this topic and know how to join the anonymous group. First, we are going to share few things with our readers who are interested to join the anonymous group. Anonymous is not an organization which is controlled by one person. It is the group of interconnected people worldwide and the main identity of anonymous members is the guyfox mask.  We can only identify other members of anonymous by this mask. There is no other identity like id card and other things.

Anonymou Group
Anonymou Member

Even we also won’t be able to recognize other anonymous members without the mask. Maybe now you know what actually anonymous group is. If we know other members of anonymous its means there is no meaning of anonymity. The anonymous concept was started for hiding your identity from other people. You won’t be able to join the anonymous group because there is no headquarters of anonymous which controlled every operation of anonymous.

If you really want to join the anonymous do one thing, call yourself anonymous. You’re in. You can purchase guyfox mask from the shop or online store. This is the main identity of the anonymous member. Now you’re the member of the anonymous group.

Now come to the main point, which works anonymous should do, and which type of qualification required for doing this task. And the answer is you can choose any kind of work which is related to your society, city, state, or for the country. It is not necessary that you need to do work related to computer programming, no any specific education skills required. Always hide your identity and do good work for your society then you become the real anonymous.

Say yourself anonymous and you are in. Expect us. Also, please show your support for anonymous at the given link below.
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This is anonymous group official website control by anonymous headquarters. Here you can read the latest news about anonymous. Expect us.

1,139 thoughts on “How to Join Anonymous Group ?

          1. I am smy name is shohel rana. i interest anonymous, i want join anonymous please add me your grup

          2. vuelve a leer bien todo, ser anonymous es como dice el texto, hacer algo bueno por tu ciudad por tu pueblo por tu barrio pero de una forma anonima saludos buen dia

          3. I announce myself anonymous and join the anonymous group and I now and have always stood for justice and equality among all humans, I take this anonymity as my new identity. Spread the word,spread the community, we fight for the justice and the equality.

          4. You can join ANONYMOUS but you cant work with them
            Because to work with ANONYMOUS you need to learn hacking
            ANONYMOUS group is group of the HACKERS
            But i dont really know how to work with ANONYMOUS .. i know hacking but dont know how to contact them

          5. I have done a lot of anonymous work for my country. I would like to talk to the leader of this group, the same member of this group, about the great work of Jamil’s address. Thank you very much.

          6. Hello I would like to join anonymous I agree with the many things you do and I would please like it if you contacted me back

          7. I’m in. For the good of society and a shared belief in equality amongst all, I stand.

          8. I need you immediately please help me.
            We can do anything anyway
            Please help
            And join me your team. I do hardwork to join team.

          9. it is not easy to join anonymous
            you are also anonymous if you work for justice and you work for internet freedom than you are also anonymous
            so kindly work bigger to join anonymous thanks the whole world is fan of my work

          10. I will support the anonymous group and I have interset to learn hacking for good thinks only. That’s why I choose your way is the best.

          11. Hey, I would like to join anonymous,. I want justice for our families and more.

          12. Hi I’m interested to learn and study about computer hacking can you teach me some basic skills.

          13. Now I ‘m just 15yrs old girl but, In my future I
            will be a competitor to anonymous, which is the most
            Infamous gang in hacking.
            It’s a straight forward challenge

          14. anonymous is not one person but anyone who decides to take up anonymity and work to ensure the ventures represented by the cause.

          1. I’m a Indian. I’m from poor family .I see the Indian politics and polit icians .. here in india high corruption. So plz focus on india. I want join in ur group

          2. I am an ethical hacker, which is a White hacker. Who exploits computer systems or networks to identify security flaws and make improvement recommendations. Even though I copied and pasted this from google I couldn’t be bothered to find smart words to use for this comment.

          1. Sir I’m very interested serve every person who are fed with this injustice. So sir can you please allow me to join anonymous

        1. I want to join as well!!!
          Spread the LOVE….BANISH THE HATE AND CRUELTY!!!!🧚‍♂️💖✌😎👏👏👏👏

          1. Im not sure if this is real as I would imagine anonymous would not make it easy to even find an application website however I do not know for sure just my idea

        2. We have to stop this corruption and all the doctrine and manipulation they give us since we are kids. This needs to stop. I don’t want to raise my child with restriction. As long as you don’t hurt anyone you can sing, dance and use your own and unique creativity . People need to understand that we are NOT and we DON’T WANT to transform ourselves in ROBOTS.

        3. What I find funny of none of these idiots figure out who Malcolm Merlyn is are you ducking kidding me LOL

      1. I will join to for the justice.. Anonymous never die….
        We are anonymous
        We are legions
        We are forget!!
        And don’t forgive!!!! ✊🤝

          1. من خیلی خیلی دوست دارم عضوی از گروه انونیموس یا ناشناس باشم لطفا بگویید چه کارکنم

        1. i am also intrested to join with annonymous but i dont know about how to hack if you can help me …plz contact me my number is 8309430478 any one help me! plz contact

      2. Mr Thomas, I have a story for you to help my family get cheated for money and don’t know what to do. I want you to help me. Ask to help

      3. I want to be hacker and hack all those persons which oppression or any bad thing to good person or society I am Anonymous.🎭

      4. I Want join with anonymous I served them I want I want I want it’s my choose 🙏
        I am from Afghanistan

      5. I wish to join not for fun but for justice I have seen first hand what sick people do and anonymous users have the right idea. So if you want to join please remember that anonymous fights for justice and not for the pleasure of being in control..

      6. There are no memberships if you read I believe Julian Assange, was part of anonymous, it is not for the glory but the show up the injustices of the world you join by doing that. If you can hack Whitehouse and find out secrets and share them good. If you can share that the local shop sells cigarettes to underage good. And instead of posting under your name you post under name anonymous. Do you want more justice and equality in the world and want to do something about it, well now your a member of anonymous

      7. Hai bro I want to join anonymous
        Because some inleagl websites on internet i want to block that sites and I’m helping you for any issues

        1. Hi ,i want to join anonymous group for justice i am from nepal and there is no anonymous member for justice please i want to learn hacking and protect people from black hat hacker .so please contact me.

        2. You tube, or you can enrol in a course that teaches you to fix, computers, phones, tablets, electronic devices, study hard how to repair how to network etc etc then you will also learn the reverse

      1. I want to join bcoz I am in jealous with some sites and people . They are in worng work which will harmful against human.

      1. Hello mr/mrs ANONYMOUS I need your help! Please teach me to how hack accounts specialy in Steam Account…. I need a Justice for my Items in Dota 2 was stolen in fucking scammers. Plsssssssss heeeeelp meee!

      2. Hey anonymous group admins sirs your best in hackers world I want too inform that what happening in world or other places because you don’t have look all the world so I recommend you join band share information corruptions

      3. Please contact me +916388049331.
        I want to join this group because I am in zealous with some people and sides because they are in wrong work which will be harmful for our society and country.

        1. I have a lot of things to do, I want the bad things get of from the good things in the all world series, I have good ideas

    1. Hey I want to be anonymous but I am 11 and I dont want to like hack into people’s homes and stuff like that I just want to hack…please and thank you for reading this

    2. none of you our in our society! we have no leader boards and we do not recruit, those of you braging our not us, we dont take credit and we hide in the shadows-NOT SCREAMING OUR NAMES FROM THE ROOFTOPS-LIKE YOU ALL ARE!- power to the people, stand up for your rights, fight for the change, fight for a better world!

    3. hey, you do know that an anonymous operates mostly on the deep/dark web after all that is where ninety six percent of info online is lol what are you doing on the surface

      1. I am anonymous we are not power we are not the government we are a voice that cannot be silenced we are thousands we are anonymous

    4. hey bro he is making you fool .anonymous group is not a group of specific people it is group of whole white hat hacker in world

    5. Anonymous is the only hope for all the people around the world Anonymous is the Truth the Freedom the Justices Anonymous is everything we love Anonymous we are all Brothers we Fight to the End for Freedom for Truth for Justice for all the poor people around the world

    6. Anonymous is required, freedom of information to people is a struggle. Fbi and Nsa hide the truth or twist information to make people believe lies and control everyone with their lies.

    7. I whant to join in this famous group because i whant a fair justice.i hope that you will accept me..i need you guyzZz to help me thank you…

      1. A thanks for my brothers and sisters for making me realize that no more I’m alone in my journey, Yes we all are Anonymous BUT we are not alone, We are together.

    8. We are all annonymous if we dont agree to the NWO agenda which a lot of us do. I appreciate and respect what these guys do to inform us about the great decipetion thats coming. My question to you guys is that if we know the enemys plan, what our we planning to stop it before a peoples free will is taken away ? They have numbers but so do we for the mean time. Obviously they need power (electricity) to give us this holloywood show, but without it they cant even communicate with satelites or they better start stocking up on a lot of generators. Something could be done instead of just watching it unfold before our eyes. We’re all depended on electricty i understand. But im willing to give it up instead of watching everybody being lied to. Besides a lot of us need to be unplungged and get back to socializing with words instead of texts.

    9. سلام من یک ایرانی هستم و می خواام که به این گروه بپیونوم وعلا قه ی زیادی به صلح و اطلاعات دارم وووو عاشق تکنولوژی و بر نامه نویسی هستم ممنون میشم که منو بپزیرین

      1. سلام من از افغانستان هستم و من میخواهمدر گروه تان بپیوندم و آرزو دار که بپیوندم

      2. سلام من از افغانستان هستم و من میخواهمدر گروه تان بپیوندم و آرزو دار که بپیوندم

      3. سلام من از افغانستان هستم و من میخواهمدر گروه تان بپیوندم و آرزو دار که بپیوندم

      1. I want to join , so we can make a change of this world, make it a better place without a system that can potentially kill the humanity

          1. I am interested. I want justice, fairness, equity and to remove oppression, corruption and economic thieves in my society.

    10. I also want to join in anonymous I have a problem anonymous I only have to save me one person cheated me and taken 50000 rupees not only from me he did for somany people like me his number7978843281 you have to stop him and please help me to get my money back

    11. I want to join and help I already have a mask I have suffered alot of pain and I wanna join and help others who have suffered the same pain or greater

    12. Hello, This is a Person from india. I Need to Fight For Equal Rights For All The Living Beings On The Earth .I Need to join in this Group.

    13. There’s a lot of injustice in the world that we still need to fight for ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    14. Finally I can fight against injustice and scams done by my government who had killed people in name of religion.

    15. I will support the anonymous group and I have interset to learn hacking for good thinks only. That’s why I choose your way

    16. Please contact me , i need help. My dear old grandmother from the age of 93 (!!) , has been bullied, called her name out, she has been treaten just by one single guy. Mid 30’s living in a senior citizen house. Protected by the police.
      For years this is going on, and i am sick of it, of hearing my grandma cry.

      Can you please help me?
      I dont know what to do any more

      Ow I know perry the alcoholic from rehab! From the Netherlands.

      Sorry for bad english

      Karlie / Karlijn
      Please contact me

  1. Buenos días… quiero decirles que los admiro mucho desde Colombia por su gran trabajo simple y transparente ustedes me entienden ojala tuviéramos gente o un grupo como ustedes en mi país para mejorar la conciencia de todos con la realidad un saludo…

  2. I will join for the equality of the world. For justice. And for the real freedom EVERYONE deserves!!!

  3. j’ai mon ordinateur attaqué par un pirate depuis le site web attak ou d’un autre site pouvez vous m’aider , j’ai 75 ans et je voudrais profiter de mes quelques année a vivre pour être heureux moi et ma femme, aidé moi si vous le pouvez merci

    1. They are discussing Targeted Individuals on in threads like “The Nobody”, “The Anomaly”, “The WOS” (Woman of Scars, last one suicided). Words and pics have two meanings. The agents of the intelligence can be seen here doing their tricks. They talk about personal life items of real people they spy on and they draw some TI’s to the conspiracy forum for plausible deniability. They can say “you are paranoid and a conspiracy theorist after they fucked you up”. Every hacker and Anonymous person will become a TI at one point in life. It’s mindcontrol.

    1. please tell me how can i join you pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssss for justice and freedom for all of the humans

  4. Thanks for averyting!!
    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us !

  5. Thanks for averyting!!
    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us !

    1. No we are the equal right of civilization we are eyes of the blind, we are the strong for the weak, We do not forgive, We do not forget, We are Anonymous

      1. I want to learn hacking so that I can start a small government in every village. These villages will be given the amount of money that is spent on them. They can use that money to create opportunities for them and develop themselves. As now our gov. Fixed a yearly expenditure for the development of these villages but most of the money is transferred to the bank accounts of the corrupt people. So of the money is directly given to those people then tey can make there lives better. I also have some further plans but I would like to tell it to the actual group and not in public. After all it’s a very big thing to Deal with😉😉🤔

    2. hey want your group help!. This is about bomb attack happened in churches and hotels at sri lanka on April 21st, 2019 who was done by ISIS islamics and government ministers. please help with this matter as we dont have any confident with our government. so we would like to invite your group to find connections of ministers and ISIS. I need to do something for my innocent sri lankan peoples who died in that attack and for other innocent peoples. i know that your group can do this and i need a big help in this matter. another thing that our ministers having more money which gained from peoples fraudely. if you can hack their accounts you can see how much they observed. i want those to share for other poor peoples. thank you. looking forward for my email. [email protected]

      1. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. We are the strong for the Weak. We are the eyes for the Blind. We are Anonymous

  6. I just want to say

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us !!!

      1. Hey bro I really wanna do this work and I think you don’t have any branch in India and there are many Ministers in India doing wrong things my father died in trying to put a stop to this so I am trying to do the same and make a stop to this please contact with me

      1. They are sometimes very aggressive but Anonymous try to say truth for the worldwide people in every time….and I think the decision of usa (to tabooed this society) is I think my decision (to be an Anonymous is not wrong. But unfortunately my old 16…I don’t know they accept me.but if they reject me I don’t angry. Because one day(I don’t know when) necessarily I’ll be an Anonymous hacker and I’ll save DEAR Anonymous IF YOU ACCEPT ME after one year(after my this crazy exam)I will join you directly…so finally I want to say I know I choose the right path. LOVE YOU Anonymous

  7. hallo everybody who is here, i’m tired of my work that is just a computer, i just can use cmd app, to hack, and i hope can join you guys, greetings anonymously, hopefully triumph in the world of hackers

  8. Who needs to tell that you are in group as the article states if you gift yourself a guyfox mask, you will gift yourself to be in the group as an anonymous♥
    I’m in!

  9. Bonjour Anonymous , je vous contact car j’aurai besoin de d’aide de hacker professionnel. Ne me juger pas s’il vous plaît. Comme je disais , sur le jeu Blitz Brigade. Disponible sur Android. En effet sur se jeu j’ai hacker. Et je débute dans le hack moi aussi.Mais je me suis fais bannir de blitz brigade. Je voudrais s’ avoir si vous n’aviez pas un moyen ou je puisse devenir invisible sur les serveurs. Donc pour ne pas me refaire bannir lors du prochain hack que je pourrais faire. Merci de me répondre s’il vous plaît. Et que je puisse faire partie de votre groupe.

  10. I wannaa to join because I will show community that I can do myself and takes revenge for all of them shitty person.

  11. Ben Ayyyildiz time katilmak istiyorum yavsaklar sizi allah vursun İnşallah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have just read Gabriella Coleman’s book on how Anonymous started . It seems to me, that with all good intentions, anonymous and other hacksters are weak uninformed anarchists trying for their place in the sun. The access to and unauthorised disclosure of secret government and other corporate confidential sites in the name of “Justice” is no more than self indulgent infantile immature wanking. I commend the authorities attempts to punish those in breach of the rule of law, without which there is nothing.

  13. we are legion. we do not forgive. we do not forget. we are coming. expect us.

    surely i have found life. consider me in.

  14. I want to join your group
    Because I am studying in a private school
    Which asks so much of money as fee

  15. I want to join your group
    Because I want to hack my schools website which asks more and more money as fee

  16. I want to join your my country many crropsation in india ..only rick man got jobs poor man all free ..i have a no idea how i change my country…anyone oopsite political he political leader give he jail …in india political more powerfull more but poor man more poor man …i only ask you plz change my country plz…my many frds study complete all free ..all dont have job only not my frds its all about poor mans …plz change my country

  17. We am Anonymous We are Legion
    We do not forgive We do not for forgive Expect Us..

    I have felt like apart of this group when I first started learning about what they did for the people in Silver city New Mexico where I am from. I believe in your ways and believes
    I can bring a heart to the table for the good in our county , I am not afraid to stand against those who are tearing us down and selling us out. I have connections to get a Hold of certain information and am a survival instructor. I also am doing what I need to to learn as much as I can my name is below but I go by outcast and when I set up my new email that’s what I will be called along with the name behind the mask. I am only uncertain of what this group will thinl of me because i am so poor and looking for ways to Change that and to make the world a better place for my grandbabies.