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How to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers

Email or electronic mail is the most important platform for online communication. Everyone using email like employee or businessman or firm to communicate with each other. Email is very useful while it is using for the other social media website.  The hackers are interested to hack mail id because of this reason. If your mail account gets hacked by hackers it will cause the problem for your privacy and important data. In this article, we are going to share how to protect your email account from hackers.

Top popular mail server which people are using globally is Gmail. Google has made very much improvement in Gmail to secure its user’s data. Most important security updates of Google are like 2 step authentication, save default IP of the user &etc. Sometimes cybercriminals target the weak point of the mail id and steal information from it.

So it’s a very difficult task for you how to secure mail account from any kind of cyber-attack. Don’t worry, we will help you regarding this issue. Below are a few points which are very important for Email security.

1. Two Step Authentication: – This is one of the best important features for email security. Most of the popular mail servers are using this feature. To use this option go to mail account setting option and choose 2 step authentication. It sends verification code into your mobile number for the verification. After the verification, it works. Whenever you want to login int account it will ask new verification code after password. It creates another security layer after entering the password. If the attacker knows your password he won’t be able to log in into your mail id because of verification code necessary after password.

2. Strong Password: – Don’t use common login password to your mail account. People commonly use their name and username as the default password. This is one of the top loopholes to the attacker. They can easily use dictionary attack and get into access your account. To make secure password use online password creation tool or you can create by yourself. Always use latter, numbers and special characters password combination.

3. Clickjacking: – Cybercriminal are using this technique to hack email. Be aware after opening your mailbox. Don’t click on any kind of untrusted email which you have received in your email box. This is the most famous email hacking technique. Attackers send malicious scripts to know your password. If you click that link you will get into the trap. Now today’s time can Google can detect the malicious scripts but not all times. Be aware of this.

4. VPN: – Use virtual network all time whenever you do want to log in your account from system or mobile. VPN hide your system actual IP address and connect you with the virtual network of other countries. This tool makes your browsing experience even better and more secure. Cybercriminal always uses system IP to communicate if you’re using virtual network nobody will be able to get into your actual IP.

5. Public Wi-Fi and Cyber Café: – Don’t connect your mobile or laptop with the public Wi-Fi and don’t use cyber café to access your personal account login information. If you’re in the same network cybercriminals can use keyloggers tool or any other malware to access your sensitive data.

6. Antivirus Program: – To protect your machine from any kind of harmful attack use always antivirus program. Update it regularly so it will protect your system against any kind of future attack. Our recommendation for everyone is Kaspersky. It is one of the best free tool available in the market.

7. System Updates: – update your mobile or computer system with the regular security patch. These security patches will clear all latest threat of your system and don’t allow to cybercriminals to steal your personal information.
These are some basics steps you can use to protect your email account from cybercriminals.

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