How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Windows PC

Shortcut virus is the most common problem in the window system. Today we are going to share our readers,  how to remove the shortcut from your personal Windows system without any help of antivirus.

Shortcut virus is the main threat in windows system. Most of the windows users think that this virus can easily be removed with the help of antivirus. But maximum antiviruses are failed while scanning this malware. For eg. Norton won’t be able to detect this threat when your system affected with this virus.

Shortcut virus comes from the pen drive, internet, smartphone, memory card etc. While your system affected with this virus it makes your system all drive file to 1 kb. Most of the people won’t be able to recover these files. We have one solution for every windows system users. You can remove this malware without the help of any antivirus. Do simple steps and you can easily clean this issue from your personal computer. Follow below steps.

1. Go to Start and type CMD in the search bar. Run CMD as administrator.

2. Now type the following command C:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s.  While you have executed this command it will only scan the C drive. If only C drive effected with this virus you do this in single steps. But if your systems whole drive effected with this virus you can scan other drives. Change only drive name and command will be same.

3. Now you can press enter button. It will execute the command and within few minutes shortcut virus easily removed from your windows systems.

For Windows users, we recommend regularly update your system with Microsoft updates.  Because graphical base OS easily affected with these type of malware. We also recommend you can update your antivirus program regularly. It will help your system to protect from any kind of online or offline thread.

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