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How to Join Anonymous Group ?

Anonymous is an international group of people who want equal rights for everyone. Read this topic and know how to join anonymous group.


First, we are going to share few things with our readers who are interested to join the anonymous group. Anonymous is not an organization which is controlled by one person. It is the group of interconnected people worldwide and the main identity of anonymous members is the guyfox mask.  We can only identify other members of anonymous by this mask. There is no other identity like id card and other things.

Even we also won’t be able to recognize other anonymous members without the mask. Maybe now you know what actually anonymous group is. If we know other members of anonymous its means there is no meaning of anonymity. The anonymous concept was started for hiding your identity from other people.

You won’t be able to join the anonymous group because there is no headquarters of anonymous which controlled every operation of anonymous.

If you really want to join the anonymous do one thing, call yourself anonymous. You’re in. You can purchase guyfox mask from the shop or online store. This is the main identity of the anonymous member. Now you’re the member of the anonymous group.

Now come to the main point, which works anonymous should do, and which type of qualification required for doing this task. And the answer is you can choose any kind of work which is related to your society, city, state, or for the country. It is not necessary that you need to do work related to computer programming, no any specific education skills required. Always hide your identity and do good work for your society then you become the real anonymous.

Say yourself anonymous and you are in. Expect us.

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Yes i want to join this for justice and truth i also want to become the pro hacker from this and to show that WE ARE ANONYMOUS

Yea thats true i did hacked some databases and i like to do it but im trying now learning get more information , now im learning how to hack some wifi public and private its fun by the way then i just wanna ask if i can in to the “team”

Yes in want. Because I want to change world. I have to see there is no pure people’s in India pls tell me which the best way to trained has hacker.

I like to join your club but im only 12years from sri lanka. Can i join please.please teah me and take me to your club.this is my dads name is chathindu and my user name will be joker.please give me a chance.i want revenge from isis for that bomb.

Buenos días… quiero decirles que los admiro mucho desde Colombia por su gran trabajo simple y transparente ustedes me entienden ojala tuviéramos gente o un grupo como ustedes en mi país para mejorar la conciencia de todos con la realidad un saludo…

j’ai mon ordinateur attaqué par un pirate depuis le site web attak ou d’un autre site pouvez vous m’aider , j’ai 75 ans et je voudrais profiter de mes quelques année a vivre pour être heureux moi et ma femme, aidé moi si vous le pouvez merci

They are discussing Targeted Individuals on in threads like “The Nobody”, “The Anomaly”, “The WOS” (Woman of Scars, last one suicided). Words and pics have two meanings. The agents of the intelligence can be seen here doing their tricks. They talk about personal life items of real people they spy on and they draw some TI’s to the conspiracy forum for plausible deniability. They can say “you are paranoid and a conspiracy theorist after they fucked you up”. Every hacker and Anonymous person will become a TI at one point in life. It’s mindcontrol.

Thanks for averyting!!
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us !

Thanks for averyting!!
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us !

No we are the equal right of civilization we are eyes of the blind, we are the strong for the weak, We do not forgive, We do not forget, We are Anonymous

hallo everybody who is here, i’m tired of my work that is just a computer, i just can use cmd app, to hack, and i hope can join you guys, greetings anonymously, hopefully triumph in the world of hackers

Who needs to tell that you are in group as the article states if you gift yourself a guyfox mask, you will gift yourself to be in the group as an anonymous♥
I’m in!

Bonjour Anonymous , je vous contact car j’aurai besoin de d’aide de hacker professionnel. Ne me juger pas s’il vous plaît. Comme je disais , sur le jeu Blitz Brigade. Disponible sur Android. En effet sur se jeu j’ai hacker. Et je débute dans le hack moi aussi.Mais je me suis fais bannir de blitz brigade. Je voudrais s’ avoir si vous n’aviez pas un moyen ou je puisse devenir invisible sur les serveurs. Donc pour ne pas me refaire bannir lors du prochain hack que je pourrais faire. Merci de me répondre s’il vous plaît. Et que je puisse faire partie de votre groupe.

I wannaa to join because I will show community that I can do myself and takes revenge for all of them shitty person.

Ben Ayyyildiz time katilmak istiyorum yavsaklar sizi allah vursun İnşallah!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just read Gabriella Coleman’s book on how Anonymous started . It seems to me, that with all good intentions, anonymous and other hacksters are weak uninformed anarchists trying for their place in the sun. The access to and unauthorised disclosure of secret government and other corporate confidential sites in the name of “Justice” is no more than self indulgent infantile immature wanking. I commend the authorities attempts to punish those in breach of the rule of law, without which there is nothing.

we are legion. we do not forgive. we do not forget. we are coming. expect us.

surely i have found life. consider me in.

I want to join your group
Because I am studying in a private school
Which asks so much of money as fee

I want to join your group
Because I want to hack my schools website which asks more and more money as fee

I want to join your my country many crropsation in india ..only rick man got jobs poor man all free ..i have a no idea how i change my country…anyone oopsite political he political leader give he jail …in india political more powerfull more but poor man more poor man …i only ask you plz change my country plz…my many frds study complete all free ..all dont have job only not my frds its all about poor mans …plz change my country

We am Anonymous We are Legion
We do not forgive We do not for forgive Expect Us..

I have felt like apart of this group when I first started learning about what they did for the people in Silver city New Mexico where I am from. I believe in your ways and believes
I can bring a heart to the table for the good in our county , I am not afraid to stand against those who are tearing us down and selling us out. I have connections to get a Hold of certain information and am a survival instructor. I also am doing what I need to to learn as much as I can my name is below but I go by outcast and when I set up my new email that’s what I will be called along with the name behind the mask. I am only uncertain of what this group will thinl of me because i am so poor and looking for ways to Change that and to make the world a better place for my grandbabies.

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related topic, your website got here up, it seems great.
I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.
Hello there, simply changed into aᴡare of your weblog viɑ Google, and found that іt’s
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I will be grateful if you continue this in future.
Numerous other folks will probably be benefited out of your writing.


anonymous i want to say you are a person who is 100% honest bluntly speaking how you feel. dont suga coat s*** on who you are i always tell people t”he sky is not the limit its just the view”

I am new. Can I please have some suggestions as to what software is used for anonymous messaging through mail which also covers IP Address and all information that could give away location?

I am totally into the anonymous that I am totally ready to be in this group….I wanna take justice to a way another level ..more than I am taking it now for my country and state
I want to be anonymous

hi anonymous am frm africa nd frm a country full of corrupt leaders nd i want 2 join ur group 2 stop dat nonsense.

I would love to get more involved and help to fight this massive injustice across the world we are all equal and we all have the same rights but unfortunately some people aren’t as luck as others to have the same freedom and right as others or have the right to choose and decide for themselves as they governments don’t care fore use people all they care for is their self and how much money they can make of us, how much they can control and use to get what they want no matter the cost to the everyday ordenrry people it has went on for to long know their should be a equal between use all and I want to help make this happen even if I am only one person who is a protest but if we stand together it is no longer just one person or one vice its many people and meny voices and we shall not be silenced or put down no more time for change is hear we all have the chance to do something about it if we stand together we will make this change and get the equality we all deserve and should have across the globe

My husband hacked my gmail account and than put his mail id and ph no in recovery ph no and mail id now how do I recover my account back

Yo memuni al grupo no solo porque sean jeniales ni esas cosas yo me uni por aser justisia y que el mundo sea mejor y no ayan problemas en el mundo que los pobres no esten en las qualles que la umanidad se mejor y por aser que las reglas cambien y den un jiro para que se den cuenta de el daño que estan asiendo a esta pobre jente . YO QUIERO SER ANONYMOUS

i am with u guys but i just need somebody’s help to learn a bit of Programming as in Sort of
hacking other accounts for good e.t.c

we are N0b0dy
we are 4 people
we want to join the anonymous group hackers and hacking the any system security country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we very want join this group !
we are N0b0dy

Como posso me conectar com pessoas que tbm fazem parte do ANONYMOUS??!
Quero fazer parte do sistema, lutar por um mundo de justiça e igualdade!

Hello, dear anonymous team. You do the best for all of us. Be happy. We believe in you. But I cannot join you. I already have the team: gathered guilty in khux. I’ll be glad to see you there. Have a nice day. ;]

Sir i dont know that what is cost of guyfox mask and dont know also how should to purchase please provide me this one mask and please join me also
please sir my humble request you and i am aslo intrest .



Hi thiz iz kashif hussain from India
Recently i open my cafe whos name is Anonymous because i want to become an anonymous, that why i m joined anonymous group, I am ready to join the ANONYMOUS group.

I need this group plzzz join me I want to hack and I know well about hacking plz its a req. I want to fight against growing corrupted peoples. That’s it plzzz

Fuck the BigPharmas’mafia !
Fuck the ObamaCare! I blow the whistle to it.
Fuck the Psychiatry Industry Of Death !
Fuck the FEMA – camps’s Killing & tortures !
Fuck the Mother FuckerElites’s blood drinkers Pizzagaters!
Fuck the Evil DeepState ShadowGovernment’s blood drinkers Pizzagaters !
Fuck the illuminati-NWO’s pizzagaters & depopulation .
Fuck the death funeral ceremony of the mother fuckers George HW Bush & David Rockefeller , Pete Sutherland. & I blow the whistle.
Fuck the HillaryClintons’s Cartel !
Fuck those mother fuckers FDA ,AMA , Mon-Santo GMO & I blow the whistle .

I am the greatest Whistleblower ever of all times for all of the fucking Evils above.


Mindcontrol and electronic harrassment by rogue state ops and online gangs is real.

Targeted Individuals (and hackers being microwaved) are being discussed on conspiracy boards (to try to draw them there and away from regular boards). The agents modus operandi can be studied on these boards. The popular one is “”. 90% horseshat but 10% of content is created to harass and even discuss the private lives of Targeted Individuals. They make “funny” threads called “The Anomaly”, “The Nobody”, “The WOS” (Woman of Scars, who suicided). Lurk on this site for months and find the crumbs…. Words and pictures can have two meanings.

Give this to TI’s.

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Sar jiI realy want to join your group i am trying to connect your group every day select me please please sar
Please sar replay

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