What is Silk Road on The Dark Web?

Silk Road known as a dark side of the internet where all illegal deals have happened. It was the top eCommerce website on the dark web that sold Illegal items. Like drugs, weapons, and Hitman were illegally available on this website. It was the number one illegal shopping on the dark web. The main motive of that website was to allow people to buy anything. It was the idea of silk road founder Ross William UlbrichtHis inspiration had come from the ancient Asian silk road. So he had chosen the website domain name Silk Road.

Silk Road Camel
              Silk Road Camel

He is graduate Of Pennsylvania State University. Also, he was interested in the Tor network. So he decided to create a website on the dark web where he could sell anything anonymously. He had set his currency Bitcoins for every single silk road transaction so that he did not want to be caught by the FBI

 His website was growing at a rapid pace speed and had almost millions of active customers. According to that time, the net valuation of that website in 2013 was around 3 billion us dollars. He sold everything on his website. He also had assassinated his friends through a hitman because they wanted to disclose Ulbricht connection with the Silk Road website.

At that time, he was on the hit list of the FBI. Federal Bureau of Investigation had appointed a team whose job was to catch Ulbricht on the spot with his laptop. One day FBI agent proposed to him as the buyer to buy his website. Ulbricht was convinced; he shared his Gmail id with the FBI agent. FBI had traced his location through Gmail id. One day FBI arrested Ulbricht with his laptop when he was surfing his website in the dark. FBI had seized his website and database. Now that website is down with FBI instructions.

                  Source: CNN

Now, there is also another question raise. Does everything stop after seizing that website? Does dark web is clean now? The answer is no. There are millions of domains on the dark web that sold that kind of thing. If the FBI seized one website, so there will be another website born. Like Silk Road 1, 2, 3, etc. Maybe it will never stop. 

Conclusion: Peoples think that Tor cannot be trace, but it’s just a myth. If you are surfing the internet through Tor browser, that does not mean you are fully protected. You can read in detail here about how it is not secured. And how to create the most secure connection on the Tor network. So you would never be traceable. We also suggest you don’t visit that kind of website. It will better for you.Silk Road is known as a dark side of the internet where all illegal deals have happened. It was the top eCommerce website on the dark web that sold Illegal items. 

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